Why Do We Need To Have Our Teeth Pulled?

There are a lot of reasons that we will need to have our teeth pulled.  When it comes to tooth extraction fairview heights, we find that more often than not it is because that our teeth are either damaged or causing our pains in our mouth.

tooth extraction fairview heights


The first reason is by overcrowding.  When we start getting our teeth they don’t start to come in in order.  They pop up in our mouths in random orders.  Then as they fill in they are moved and adjusted as naturally as they can.  However, there will be times when our teeth start to grow in odd and unusual ways.  When this happens our teeth may start to overpower one another and as a result we will start to have overcrowding.  If this happens then we may need to get one or more pulled.  Once this happens, we may need to have braces or other teeth guards used to help push the teeth together again removing gaps.


The next is for damage.  When we eat foods or if we don’t care for our teeth they can become damaged.  This can be because of cavities, chipped teeth or other general damage.  If this occurs then we will need to have our teeth pulled.

Radiation and other medical procedures

Finally, if you have a disease or other condition that may require radiation it will be suggested that you have your teeth pulled.  This is a precaution since the radiation may have an adverse effect on your teeth anyways, requiring them to be pulled.

When it comes to our teeth, they are very important to our overall health, look and functionality in life.  Without a good set of teeth, we are going to find it difficult to eat, unflattering to smile and perform other day to day tasks.  So before you need your teeth pulled, take care of them the best that you can.