Reasons to Visit a Dentist on the Weekend or for an Emergency Situation

Visiting the dentist is a scary experience for most people, yet those twice-annual appointments prevent cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and a myriad of problems that cause unhealthy teeth. In addition to the twice-annual visits, some people find the need to visit in between these times due to various concerns that simply cannot wait for the appointment. You may need a dentist open on weekends louisville or one that offers emergency services after normal business hours.

Some of the biggest reasons people need to visit the dentist in between their regularly scheduled dental exams include:

·    Toothaches: It’s a toothache that causes most people to make an extra visit to the dentist. When over-the-counter pain relievers do not stop the pain, the next stop is the dentist’s office. Root canals, fillings, and extractions may ease the pain.

·    Broken Tooth: If you’ve broken off a tooth, visiting the dentist straight away is important. You may feel pain if you break a tooth and it certainly impacts the appeal of your mouth and your self-esteem and confidence.

·    Pus: If pus is draining out of a tooth or teeth, it is a sign of a serious infection. You may also feel pain when the pus drains. This is an emergency situation that needs the care provided by a dentist at once.

·    Knocked-Out Tooth: A knocked-out tooth is yet another reason why you may find the need to visit an emergency dentist. You may be able to save the tooth if you visit the dentist in a timely manner.

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Visiting an emergency dentist when any of the above issues occur is important. Your dental health is no laughing matter. Protect your teeth, beautiful smile and oral health by visiting the dentist twice each year and in between visits in the event of toothaches or other tooth problems.